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Life Coach in India

Life Coach

A life coach is a "Guide or  Mentor” who helps people to sort out their problems which they are facing in their life. The life coach makes a proper plan or strategy for our customers so that they can win over their problems or confusion.

These problems can be related to any area of life like Business, job, family, love, and career. In our online life coach, we are helping corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and students. A Person who had success in personal life and careers have faced so many problems, they transform into positivist with proper guidance.

We analyze so many life issues and situations - based on that we will give you guidance and support of taking the right steps in your life. Being the best life coach in India, we know Motivational speech won't work at all time but motivational speech along with proper people skills help you to move or solve from all the issues.

You are looking for famous life coaches in India, you are in the right place. we providing online life coaching services worldwide.



A personal life coach will guide you individually about how to deal with all problems of your life. He/she will find out the main problem within you which needs to be solved.

Our service of a personal life coach will mainly help you to develop self-confidence and other personal skills which are necessary to get success.  Personal life coaching is taken by most of the people for their all-round development. 

 1 Hours to 60 hours 


spiritual coach is a guide who helps you to connect with “who you are” and “what you want from your life”. A spiritual life coach will help you to take steps towards your goals, for achieving your dreams and removing all the blocks from your path and also helps you to get satisfaction in life.

 3 Hours to 60 hours


We provides you the best career coach and job support. In today’s life, everyone needs a career coach to get the proper path and remain goal-oriented. There are a lot of people who get motivated by others' success story and again they become demotivated easily when they see failure. In our career coach consulting - we help to solve all kinds of problems or confusion in your career life and suggest the best goal-oriented path to achieve success.  

 2 Hours to 10 hours


Many people are short-tempered due to which they lose everything like a job, business and a lot of family issues happens in their life. For those people, we are here with a course of anger management where the coach or instructor will guide you about how to control your anger and stay calm in a tough situation like meditation and yoga

But we have another section of anger management counseling which is more effective. But if after taking the course the person is unable to control anger then the person may be referred to a psychologist for further treatment.

 4 Hours


Namah Shivaya

Online Classes

Weekly 3 Class - each 2 hours